The Best Anchor on the Market Today!

Superior Hold, 100% Retrievable

The angle of the slip-ring shank
allows the anchor to be 100%
retrievable. It is the only anchor
that can be retrieved straight up
without the use of a separate

Requires 70% Less Anchor Line

The 45 degree holding position enables
the anchor to perform best with a 2:1 ratio
of anchor line to depth (not the 7:1 as
recommended for other fluke style anchors).

Extreme Hold / Light Weight

This product is perfect for sandy bottom lakes that require the anchor to bite and grab a slippery surface. It is also light weight for easy handling and includes extended pins to lock the anchor safely in boat storage.


Perfect for yachts, fishing and skiing boats up to 35 feet in length

Seeing is Believing!

The videos below show how the Chene Anchor can dig in and hold, while at the same time the rope can be guided to the back of the anchor for a simple release.


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